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Community Display Case Guidelines Print




An individual, group or organization may reserve a display case one month per year.  Display time frame is determined by individual branches, with the dates and time of set-up and take-down determined by mutual agreement between the library and individual, group or organization presenting the display.  Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the branch manager or appointed staff.


Any individual, group or organization that has scheduled the use of the display case(s) and subsequently determines that it no longer wishes to use the case shall notify the library of the cancellation in a timely manner.  Failure to notify in a timely manner shall be grounds for denial of future use of the display case(s).


All exhibits must include a label naming the exhibitor, the beginning and ending dates of the exhibit and the purpose of the exhibit.  Items for sale may not display prices, but business cards or contact information may be displayed. Neither the library nor its staff will participate in any sale arrangements.


The display case(s) will be clearly designated and will contain a disclaimer stating that the Library does not endorse, nor advocate, nor agree with the subject or items on display, nor the organization or individual presenting the display.


No exhibit shall interfere with the operation of the library or pose a physical hazard to the library patrons or staff.


Exhibits may not promote the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco; and may not contain any information or subject matter which violates city, state, or federal statutes.


The display case cannot be altered modified or changed in any way without prior approval from the Branch Manager or designated library employee.  Any damage caused by the exhibitor of the display itself will be chargeable to the exhibitor.


The exhibitor is responsible for the installation, arrangement, care, supervision, dismantling, and removal of exhibits and displays.  The library will maintain locks on the display case(s).  The library shall not be responsible for any damage to the whole or any part of the materials in the display case environs.  The exhibiting of expensive or irreplaceable items is not recommended.


February 14, 2012