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Loans And Fines Print
ADOPTED:   February 21, 1991
REVISED:  September 24, 2001; June 21, 2005; September 2005; September 2010; March 21, 2012; September 16, 2014; February 17, 2015

The Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees shall authorize a fee and charge schedule to be reviewed annually by the Library staff.


I.    Checkout Period
a.   Books and other materials – 14 days
b.   Circulating periodicals – 14 days
c.   Videos – 14 days
d.   Seasonal titles—7 days
e.   Special Titles collections (i.e. Bestsellers; Bestseller Videos; Alert) – 7 days
f.    Special Titles collections (i.e. long Bestsellers) – 14 days g.   Electronic Devices – 4 hours

II.    Penalties (Overdue)
a.   Books and other materials - $0.10 per day
b.   Videos - $0.25 per day
c.   Special Titles collections  - $0.25 per day
d.   Interlibrary Loan materials - $1.00 per day e.   Electronic Devices - $5.00 per hour

III.    Maximum Penalties (Overdue)
a.   Hardback books - $15.00
b.   Trade paperback books - $15.00
c.   Paperback books - $5.00
d.   Audio/Videos - $15.00
e.   Vertical File/Magazine items - $5.00

IV.    Cost Recovery Charges
a.   Photocopies or printouts at computers – Black and white, $0.20 per page when copies made by the patron or at computer workstations; v$0.30 per page when made by staff; color copies whether computer printouts or on copier: $.75; Microfilm copies - $0.20 per page when copies made by the patron; $0.30 per page when made by staff.
b.   Extraordinary Interlibrary Loan charges – return postage expenses above 2 pounds, plus any additional costs assessed by the lending institute.
c.   Collection fees (if applicable) – current expense to collect an account
d.   Insufficient funds check charge - $25.00
e.   Fax service - To Send: $2.00 for the first page; $1.00 for following pages; for all International numbers outside the continental US: $5 for the first page and $2 for each additional page. To Receive: $1 per page for each page regardless of where the FAX originates (local, long distance/800 or International).
f.    Scanning documents – staff assisted: $0.50 per page
g.   Genealogy Requests – a $10 non-refundable fee which covers the cost of up to 5 name searches in any indexed genealogy materials
held by the Northwest Branch (cost of copies and mailing included).
h.   3D printing – Setup fee of $3 per item, plus $0.20 per gram of filament used. To be paid in advance of print job.

V.    Lost Materials
a.   Replacement cost as listed in item record on Sirsi plus a $5.00 processing fee.
b.   If replacement cost cannot be ascertained from Sirsi Workflows, price as listed in online sources such as Amazon plus a $5.00 processing fee.
c.   Interlibrary loan materials: cost assessed by the lending library.

VI.    Damaged Materials
a.   The director shall make available an assessment table for staff use.

VII.    Non-resident Library Card
a.   Annual $60
b.   Quarterly $15

VIII.    Replacement Library Card
a.   Card and processing cost - $1.00