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Loans And Fines Print
ADOPTED:   February 21, 1991
REVISED:  September 24, 2001; June 21, 2005; September 2005; September 2010; March 21, 2012; September 16, 2014

The Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees shall authorize a fee and charge schedule to be reviewed annually by the Library staff.


I.    Checkout Period
a.   Books and other materials – 14 days
b.   Circulating periodicals – 14 days
c.   Videos – 14 days
d.   Seasonal titles—7 days
e.   Special Titles collections (i.e. Bestsellers; Bestseller Videos; Alert) – 7 days
f.    Special Titles collections (i.e. long Bestsellers) – 14 days
g.   Electronic Devices – 4 hours

II.    Penalties (Overdue)
a.   Books and other materials - $0.10 per day
b.   Videos - $0.25 per day
c.   Special Titles collections  - $0.25 per day
d.   Interlibrary Loan materials - $1.00 per day
e.   Electronic Devices - $5.00 per hour

III.    Maximum Penalties (Overdue)
a.   Hardback books - $15.00
b.   Trade paperback books - $15.00
c.   Paperback books - $5.00
d.   Audio/Videos - $15.00
e.   Vertical File/Magazine items - $5.00

IV.    Cost Recovery Charges
a.   Photocopies or printouts at computers – Black and white, $0.20 per page when copies made by the patron or at computer workstations;
$0.30 per page when made by staff; color copies whether computer printouts or on copier: $.75; Microfilm copies - $0.20 per page when copies made by the patron; $0.30 per page when made by staff.
b.   Extraordinary Interlibrary Loan charges – return postage expenses above 2 pounds, plus any additional costs assessed by the lending institute.
c.   Collection fees (if applicable) – current expense to collect an account ($10.00)
d.   Insufficient funds check charge - $25.00
e.   Fax service - To Send: $2.00 for the first page; $1.00 for following pages; for all International numbers outside the continental US: $5 for the first page and $2 for each additional page. To Receive: $1 per page for each page regardless of where the FAX originates (local, long distance/800 or International).
f.    Scanning documents – staff assisted: $0.50 per page
g.   Genealogy Requests – a $10 non-refundable fee which covers the cost of up to 5 name searches in any indexed genealogy materials held by the Northwest Branch (cost of copies and mailing included).

V.    Lost Materials
a.   Replacement cost as listed in item record on Sirsi plus a $5.00 processing fee.
b.   If replacement cost cannot be ascertained from Sirsi Workflows, price as listed in online sources such as Amazon plus a $5.00 processing fee.
c.   Interlibrary loan materials: cost assessed by the lending library.

VI.    Damaged Materials
a.   The director shall make available an assessment table for staff use.

VII.    Non-resident Library Card
a.   Annual $60
b.   Quarterly $15

VIII.    Replacement Library Card
a.   Card and processing cost - $1.00