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Cell Phone Guidelines Print

October 14, 2004

The Jefferson County Library District shall make rules necessary to ensure that customer behavior does not infringe on the rights of others.

Listening devices, cell phones and beepers may be brought into branches. However, if complaints arise, customer usage must be moved outside. Use of such devices shall be forbidden in quiet areas of the library.

1. Post signs prominently at entrance and throughout library.

2. If a patron’s cell phone or pager rings/beeps loudly, ask them to turn the device off or turn the ringer volume down.

3. If patron makes or receives a phone call while in the library, quietly hand him/her one of the bilingual reminder cards (which says ”Be courteous! Take your cell phone out to the lobby if you need to make or receive a call“).

4. If patron continues their conversation without moving, go back and ask them to take their phone to the lobby or outside to talk.

5. If patron still doesn’t go, don’t press the situation.


When phone rings:

”Excuse me, but while you are in the library could you please either turn your cell phone off or turn down its ringer volume so it doesn’t disturb other patrons? Thank you.“

When person is talking on phone and you have already given him/her a reminder card:

”I’m sorry, but you need to take your phone out to the lobby so your conversation doesn’t disturb our other patrons. Thank you.“