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Meeting Room Policy Print

ADOPTED: June 20, 1991
REVISED: May 21, 1998, March 29, 2004
REVISED: September 20, 2005
REVISED: November 20, 2007


The purpose of this policy is to insure the orderly, peaceful and efficient use of the library community meeting room(s) and to accommodate and provide equal access to as many groups and organizations as is reasonably possible. The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the public library does not constitute an endorsement by the library district of the group’s policies or stated beliefs.


1. The library branch manager or a designated branch employee shall schedule or reserve the branch community meeting room(s) in accordance with the regulations found in this policy.

2. Questions regarding the appropriate use of the library community meeting room(s) by any group or organization shall be referred to the library director. The group or organization may appeal the director’s decision to the library Board of Trustees, who has the final authority to grant or refuse permission to use the meeting room(s).


1. Library programs and library related programs have priority in the use of the community meeting room(s). Use of the community meeting room(s) by other community groups shall be booked on a first come, first served basis.

2. The library community meeting room(s) are available for use by (a) local nonprofit organizations including Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and (4) organizations and not-for-profit corporations; and (b) local businesses for community interests, and not for product sales purposes. Private social gatherings are prohibited.

3. Teenage or children’s groups may use the meeting room(s) provided they are supervised by an adult. The adult supervisor and the organization he/she represents will be responsible for any damage.

4. Behavior that disrupts the orderly conduct of the library, prevents other patrons from accessing library resources, or interferes with library staff in the performance of their duties is prohibited. If a scheduled meeting becomes disruptive, the library supervisor on duty may terminate the meeting and is authorized to call the police to enforce the termination if necessary.

5. Use of the meeting room(s) is limited to qualifying groups or organizations whose membership is composed primarily of residents of Jefferson County Library subdistricts, or to businesses that are located in or pay taxes to the Jefferson County Library subdistricts.

6. Prior violations of Jefferson County Library policy by organizers or attendees of a meeting or event are grounds for refusing applications and revoking permission for all subsequent uses of the library community meeting room(s).


1. A completed application form and payment of all cost reimbursement charges is required before a meeting is scheduled.

2. Applications to use the community meeting room shall be made at least one (1) week in advance and no longer than one (1) year prior to the scheduled meeting. The library manager or the library director may make one (1) exception per year for an organization.

3. Generally, no group or organization may use the library community meeting room(s) more often than once per month. Exceptions may be granted for workshops, seminars or educational classes, or for a special need with the approval of the library director. No more than two (2) such exceptions may be granted to the same group in a calendar year without approval of the library Board of Trustees.


1. Organizations may provide light refreshments that involve no cooking in the community meeting room(s).

2. The use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages is not permitted anywhere in the library.

3. Organizations shall leave the meeting room in a clean and orderly condition when they are finished. Tables and chairs are provided, but each organization is responsible for setting tables and chairs in the configuration needed for its activity.

4. The meeting room shall be vacated at least ten (10) minutes prior to the library closing.

5. No signs, displays, decorations or exhibits may be attached to the walls or windows of the room without prior written permission from the library branch manager.

6. Organizations shall accept responsibility to reimburse the library for the repair of damaged equipment, repair of damage to the building interior, or for replacement of missing equipment.

7. Audio, video and computer equipment and furniture that belong to the library are available for use within the library only, and may not be removed from the building.

8. With the exception of materials, equipment or furniture that belongs to the Friends of the Library (also referred to as the ”Friends“), items not owned by the library may not be stored on library premises unless the items advance the purposes of the library district. The library district will not assume responsibility for any items left on library premises.


1. If the library closes due to inclement weather or other emergency, the community meeting room(s) will not be available for the scheduled use. In such instances, library staff shall make their best effort to call the contact person for the group or organization that scheduled the use and notify him/her of the cancellation in a timely manner.

2. Any group or organization that has scheduled a use of the library community meeting room(s), and subsequently determines that use is no longer needed, shall notify the library of the cancellation in a timely manner. Groups or organizations that fail to notify the library of a cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled use shall forfeit any further use of the library meeting room(s) for period not to exceed six months.


1. All cost reimbursement charges must be paid at the time application is made for use of the community meeting room(s). Cost reimbursement charges will be returned if the application is denied. Cost reimbursement charges will be refunded if the scheduled use is canceled because the library closed due to inclement weather or other emergency. Cost reimbursement charges are nonrefundable if the organization or agency cancels a scheduled use of the meeting room(s) less than three (3) working days prior to the scheduled use.

2. Local not for profit organizations and government agencies may use the library meeting room(s) at no charge.

3. Local for profit organizations and businesses shall pay a room rental cost reimbursement charge of $100 for each scheduled use of a library community meeting room.

4. A cleanup cost reimbursement charge of $15 per use will be charged for use of a community meeting room whenever light refreshments are served. This nonrefundable cost reimbursement charge covers the costs of cleaning and sanitizing counters and tabletops, cleanup of minor spills and stains, vacuuming and deodorizing the room and emptying the trash containers. The library employs a professional cleaning service for these tasks.