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Public Service (Library Card) Policy Print




{Adopted May 15, 2000; Revised June 21, 2005; Revised March 28, 2006; Revised March 25, 2008; Revised November 16, 2010; Revised May 15, 2012; Revised August 26, 2014.)


I.                   GENERAL

a.       The library director of Jefferson County Library shall provide library services to the residents and real property owners of its (2) active sub-districts who present a "library card".  The active sub-districts geographical boundaries correspond with the boundaries of the Northwest, Fox, and Windsor School Districts.

b.      An application for a library card must be completed before a library card is issued.

      Library cards for residents and real property owners of the (2) active sub-districts are issued for a period of three (3) years from the date of issue, and shall be renewed at the end of the period, upon application and presentation of all required identification.  Accounts that are blocked or barred for any reason may be renewedbut may not be cleared for use until the cardholder has settled the outstanding    issue(s) to the satisfaction of the library. Cardholders should notify the library immediately of changes in their personal information --- name, address, contact information, majority status --- so that accounts can be updated.  

c.       A parent or guardian's signature is required on the application for a library user under eighteen (18) years of age.  The parent or guardian thereby assumes responsibility for supervising the child’s use of the library and its materials, programs and services, and for any penalties assessed for damages to or misuse of library property or equipment, or damages or loss of materials, or overdue fines or fees, which may result from the applicant's use of the library. 

                                                              i.      In situations where a child has two residences, a separate card may be issued for each household with the understanding that presentation of the library cards is required when checking out materials. 

                                                            ii.      A parent or guardian must give separate permission for a minor under the age of eighteen (18) to use the library’s public Internet access, or to borrow videos/DVDs from the library’s General (adult) collection.

d.      Library users age eighteen (18) years of age or older applying for a library card assume such responsibility as set forth in paragraph c. on their own signature.

e.       All applicants for a library card will be required to produce proof of identity.  Such proof may be one of the following:

A.                Current Driver’s License;

B.                 State Issued Photo Identification Card;

C.                 Birth Certificate;

D.                Student ID (with picture);

E.                 Current Military ID;

F.                  Passport;

G.                U. S. Visa;

H.                U. S. Diversity Visa (Green Card).


f.       Applicants for a resident library card will also be required to produce proof of legal residence; or ownership of property in the active sub-districts plus proof of current address.  Applicants for a non-resident card will be required to produce proof of current address.  Such proof may be one of the following:

                  A.        Current Driver's License;

                                    B.        Current Voter Registration Card;

                                    C.        Current telephone bill or utility bill indicating applicant's name or address;

                                    D.        Current Missouri I.D.;

                                    E.         Current year real property tax receipt or Jefferson County or City Tax

Assessor's verification;

                                    F.         Current Vehicle Registration showing address;

                                    G.        Current Missouri automobile insurance identification card;

                                    H.        Bank Printed Checks or Bank Statement;

                                    I.          Lease Agreement;

                                    J.          Occupancy Permit.


g.   The form for said application shall also contain an option for applicant to “opt out” of our privacy policy (see Public Service Policy 06-04, Privacy Policy)

II.                NON-RESIDENT POLICY

a.       Applicants who do not legally reside in the active sub-districts, or who do not own real property in the active sub-districts of JCLD, or who have not been granted a fee waiver by the library director, in accordance with policies of the Board of Trustees, shall be charged the then current charge per year for a non-resident's library card(s) for the family members residing at the applicant's address. All of the provisions listed in Section I, sub-sections c-i (above) shall apply to non-resident applicants.

b.      A non-resident library card may be issued for a period of three (3), six (6), nine (9), or 12 (twelve) months at a cost of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% respectively, of the annual cost of a non-resident card.

c.       The non-resident applicant shall declare all eligible family members. An application for a library card must be completed for each eligible family member before library cards are issued.  The applicant shall be responsible to the District for all losses for any lost, damaged, or stolen materials, and for all charges for overdue materials, and for all charges as set forth in the District's charging schedule, all with respect to those listed on the application.  

d.      Eligible family members are defined as spouse, parent, protectee or legally appointed guardian of a card holder, children and foster children; provided said family members reside at the applicant's address.

e.       Non-residents over 18 displaying a valid state ID but without a valid JCL card may opt to pay a fee to use public access computers, or provide a valid state ID to access JCL's wireless through their own device(s).

f.       Non residents are required to have a valid JCL library card to use interlibrary loan services.



III.             CORPORATE CARDS (formerly Pub 94-1)

      a.         For employees of businesses, agencies, or organizations to be eligible to check out books and materials, the entity must comply with the rules and regulations approved by the Jefferson County Library     Board of Trustees.

            b.         Corporate cards will be issued at no charge to applying entities located within

                        active subdistricts of the Jefferson County Library.

            c.         Corporate cards will be issued at the current non-resident rate to applying entities

                        located outside the active subdistricts of the Jefferson County Library.

            d.         Written application on letterhead for a corporate card must list all authorized

                        users (employees, owners, directors) for the card.  There is a limit of five users

                        unless an exception is approved prior to issuing the card.

            e.         In written application, the applying entity must acknowledge that it will be

                        responsible for all damages, fines, and lost books and other items checked out on

                        the card and comply with policies.

            f.          The individual who is legally responsible for the applying entity must be the

                        final signatory.  (State title, i.e. Owner or Director)

            g.         Should the legally responsible individual be replaced, the library should receive

                        written notification (reapplication) on letterhead if service is to be continued.

            h.         Library must receive written notification on letterhead of any additions or

                        deletions to eligible users of the corporate card.

            i.          With no exceptions, the corporate card or valid I.D. must be presented upon checkout.

            j.          Corporate cards will expire after one year, and reapplication must take place at

                        that time.

IV.             NON-RESIDENT EDUCATOR CARDS (formerly Pub 96-01)

a.       The non-resident fee for educators (teachers and administrators) who are employed by public, parochial, or private schools (grades pre-K-12) operating in the active sub-districts, or by Jefferson College, or by other post secondary education institutions operating within the active sub-districts, shall be waived.

b.      Upon presentation of proof of employment by a school operating in the active sub-districts or Jefferson College, or other post secondary education institutions operating within the active sub-districts, a non-resident educator’s library card may be issued for one year or the library card may be renewed.