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Community Bulletin Board Guidelines Print

August 22, 2006; Revised September 12, 2012

The following applies to all public bulletin boards and all literature display areas used for the aforementioned purposes.
1.    All items must be accepted by the branch library manager or a designated library employee before being posted.
2.    Items approved for display will be signed with a removal date and initials of the staff member. 
3.    Posted items should have a contact name and telephone number for further information or clarification.
4.    The Library Manager or designated library employee will post materials so that materials are neatly posted and adequate space for the posting can be determined. 
5.    Only the Library Manager or designated library employee or original person requesting an item be posted may remove notices.
6.    Materials that support or oppose any political candidate or ballot measure will not be displayed.  However, election information, such as that provided by the Secretary of State or the League of Women Voters may be made available.
7.    Petitions may not be posted in the library. (See policy on Solicitations on Library Property.)
8.    Once items are removed, they are discarded.
9.    Items posted or left on tables without authorization will be removed and discarded.
10.    Oversized posters may be rejected because of space limitations.
11.    If display boards or distribution areas become crowded, library staff reserves the right to remove the oldest materials in order to make room for newer items.
12.    The Library does not assume responsibility for materials damaged or stolen.
13.    The goal of the Library is to maintain a position of impartiality.  Therefore, it will accept items without discrimination on the basis of political or religious content.
14.    Acceptance of materials for display does not imply the library’s endorsement of a group or organization, its policies or beliefs.
15.    Bulletin board postings may not promote the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco products, nor contain any information or subject matter which violates city, state, or federal statutes.