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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Stupp Julius (girl) birth Nov 5, 1931 2e Jefferson Democrat
Stupp Edward Lee birth Nov 30, 1933 3c Jefferson Democrat
Stupp Julius marriage Jul 21, 1921 1f Jefferson County Record Sophie Kerckhoff
Stupp Julius marriage Nov 3, 1921 1f, 4a Jefferson County Record Sovhie Keckhoff; Frazier
Stupp daughter death Jan 24, 1924 4b Jefferson County Record
Stuppelmann Mrs. death Aug 6, 1884 3e Jefferson Democrat
Stuppinger Mrs. John other May 15, 1889 2b Jefferson Democrat
Stuppy M. A. marriage Jun 28, 1917 2f Jefferson Democrat A. A. Ouhrabka
Stuppy M. A. marriage Jun 28, 1917 8d Jefferson County Record A. A. Ou hrabka
Sturdy Alice probate Feb 9, 1893 2d Jefferson Democrat Brennan
Sturgis Mrs. other Jun 1, 1939 4d, e, f Jefferson Democrat Hemme; Bruce; Huber; Schoening; Zipp; Russell; Cage; Wilson; Williams; Manion; Rousan; Reaban, Valle; Berry; Bruce
Sturm William G. marriage Jan 31, 1935 1e, 3a Jefferson Democrat Lelah Johnson; McMullin; Stepp
Stute Elizabeth death Jul 28, 1932 4f Jefferson Democrat Dorlac
Stuteville James Carey marriage Apr 23, 1936 5b, 8g Jefferson Democrat Loretta E. Mueller
Stutko Arthur R. marriage Nov 30, 1933 4f Jefferson Democrat Anna M. Baumann
Stuttle Joseph marriage Sep 18, 1890 3b Jefferson Democrat Anna E. Weldele
Stuttle Joseph marriage Sep 25, 1890 3d Jefferson Democrat Lizzie Weldele; Schramm
Stuver Ike (boy) birth Oct 21, 1920 3a Jefferson Democrat
Styman Lizzie death Jan 26, 1887 3f Jefferson Democrat
Suares Harry A. marriage Jan 28, 1897 3d Jefferson Democrat Amelia Lee James