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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Toler Oliver F. marriage Jan 28, 1904 3c Jefferson Democrat Mabelle A. Neck; Frazier
Toler Ralph A. marriage Jan 7, 1926 3f Jefferson Democrat Dalena B. Hill
Tolin Wm. Harry marriage Aug 27, 1931 1a Jefferson Democrat Pearl Marie Beller
Toller Mabelle & Oliver divorce Jan 27, 1921 3c Jefferson Democrat
Tolley Ray marriage Aug 12, 1937 5d Jefferson Democrat Frances Filardo
Tolton Frank marriage Aug 6, 1884 3b Jefferson Democrat Winnie Hedger
Tolton Franklin H. marriage Aug 13, 1884 3b Jefferson Democrat Winnie Hedger; McFarland
Tolton Frank H. marriage Feb 18, 1892 3b Jefferson Democrat Elmira Maness
Tolton Frank (daughter) death Jan 20, 1916 2c, d Jefferson Democrat
Tolton John death Feb 17, 1916 3f Jefferson Democrat
Tolton Gilbert marriage Jan 1, 1920 3d Jefferson Democrat Rachel Winston
Tolton George C. marriage Jun 3, 1920 2e Jefferson Democrat Bessie Hull
Tolton Gilbert marriage Dec 25, 1919 4b Jefferson County Record Rachel Winston
Tomaselli Eugene marriage Jun 29, 1922 2c Jefferson Democrat Henrietta Strim
Tomaselli Eugene other Sep 28, 1922 3c Jefferson Democrat
Tomaselli Eugene T marriage Jun 30, 1922 1b Jefferson County Record Harriette Strim
Tomasso Ben J. marriage Sep 4, 1924 3d, e Jefferson Democrat Vera S. Palmier; Steel
Tomb Mr. death Apr 9, 1936 5c Jefferson Democrat
Tomlinson William marriage Feb 25, 1904 3b Jefferson Democrat Tillie Frieger
Tomlinson Delbert marriage Sep 26, 1940 3a Jefferson Democrat Daisy Ballard