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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Ulrich Mathew death Jan 9, 1919 1e, 5a Jefferson County Record Leuitzinger
Ulrich Fred A. marriage Nov 13, 1919 1d Jefferson County Record Florence J. Kley
Ulzen Diedrich marriage Sep 17, 1884 3b Jefferson Democrat Sophia Robenart
Umbdenstock Benjamin marriage Sep 25, 1924 3e Jefferson Democrat Lola Pilliard
Umbdenstock Clifford marriage Dec 3, 1936 5c Jefferson Democrat Mildred Armbruster
Umbdenstock Edith Belle death Jun 9, 1938 3c Jefferson Democrat McCune; Stiers
Umberganz Carl death Jul 16, 1925 3d Jefferson Democrat
Umbershire Laurenton G. marriage Aug 11, 1932 1a Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Maud Ford
Umdenstock Benj. marriage Sep 25, 1924 1a Jefferson County Record Lola Pilliard
Umfleet Leo other Jan 28, 1937 5g Jefferson Democrat
Umlauf Wm. H. marriage May 22, 1919 3b Jefferson Democrat Ruth L. Sego
Umlauf William M. marriage May 22, 1919 1d Jefferson County Record Ruth L Sego
Unbergang Carl marriage Jun 24, 1915 3b Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Urith Smith
Underburg Thomas marriage Apr 24, 1889 3b Jefferson Democrat Elizabeth Payton
Underwood Orlie F. marriage Mar 2, 1922 4b Jefferson Democrat Catherine J. Whiteside
Underwood C. F. (sister) death Jun 7, 1934 2c Jefferson Democrat
Underwood Orlie F. marriage Mar 2, 1922 8d Jefferson County Record Catherine J. Whiteside
Unertel Dr. Andrew death Nov 14, 1895 3d Jefferson Democrat Stelbrink
Unger Edward B. marriage Feb 19, 1931 2g, 3b Jefferson Democrat Rose Hastings; McMullin; Merli
Uno Oliver (girl) birth Mar 30, 1887 3c Jefferson Democrat