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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Vogel Joseph (boy) birth Nov 11, 1909 2c Jefferson Democrat
Vogel Mrs. death Apr 20, 1911 2b Jefferson Democrat
Vogel Fred marriage Oct 15, 1914 2b Jefferson Democrat Katie Zipp
Vogel Michael marriage Nov 22, 1923 3d Jefferson Democrat Ethel Becker
Vogel Mrs. Charles death Aug 12, 1926 3b Jefferson Democrat Riesser
Vogel Mrs. Fritz death Dec 11, 1930 1d Jefferson Democrat
Vogel Margaret death Dec 25, 1930 2c Jefferson Democrat Ulrich; Roesch; Paul
Vogel Margaret death Nov 26, 1931 1b Jefferson Democrat
Vogel Margaret death Nov 24, 1932 1e Jefferson Democrat
Vogel Margaret death Nov 23, 1933 1d Jefferson Democrat
Vogel Frank marriage Jun 27, 1912 4b Jefferson County Record Thresa Zipp
Vogel Charles death Feb 27, 1913 1a Jefferson County Record
Vogel Fred marriage Oct 15, 1914 5d Jefferson County Record Katie Zipp
Vogel Fred marriage Oct 22, 1914 1e Jefferson County Record Katie Zipp
Vogelgesang Mr. death Mar 2, 1887 3c Jefferson Democrat
Vogelgesang M. marriage May 1, 1890 3c Jefferson Democrat Jennie Horan
Vogelgesang Michael (boy) birth Jul 2, 1891 2c Jefferson Democrat
Vogelpohl Lenus W. marriage Jul 4, 1907 3d Jefferson Democrat Amelia K. Anderson
Vogelpohl Wm. F., Jr. marriage May 23, 1929 3e Jefferson Democrat Nora Ellan Belleville
Vogelpohl Wm F., Jr. marriage May 30, 1929 1g Jefferson Democrat Nora E. Belleville