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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Wagoner Edward marriage Jun 16, 1892 3c Jefferson Democrat Eila Wood
Wagoner Edward (girl) birth Jun 8, 1893 3c Jefferson Democrat
Wagoner Leslie Ray death Dec 21, 1911 5b Jefferson County Record
Wahlbrink Erwin W. marriage Sep 2, 1937 5c Jefferson Democrat Lucille Womack
Wahlbrunk E. W. marriage Jul 25, 1935 8a Jefferson Democrat Hazel M. Hoffman
Wahlers Louis Roland marriage Mar 23, 1922 5b Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Grace H. Magill
Wahlers Louis Rolad other Jan 17, 1918 1a Jefferson County Record
Wahley James death Sep 19, 1935 5b Jefferson Democrat DeClue
Wahlgreen Holger R. A., Jr. marriage Sep 8, 1932 1d Jefferson Democrat Loretta D. Schneider
Wahrheim Allan L. marriage Dec 30, 1915 1f Jefferson County Record Mamie A. Fishe
Wainwright Calvin marriage Mar 5, 1931 2b Jefferson Democrat Elsie Reed
Wainwright Calvin marriage Mar 12, 1931 3a Jefferson Democrat Elsie Reed; McMullin
Wakefield Frederick marriage Jul 6, 1887 3b Jefferson Democrat Eva Alexander; Elkins
Wakefield Frederick other Sep 25, 1890 3f Jefferson Democrat
Wakefield F. death Nov 5, 1908 2b, c Jefferson Democrat
Wakefield R. V. marriage Oct 10, 1912 3c Jefferson Democrat Jaunita M. Dyer
Wakefield Ralph marriage Oct 17, 1912 2c Jefferson Democrat Nita Dyer; Holtschneider
Wakefield Ralph marriage Oct 24, 1912 2c Jefferson Democrat
Wakefield Frederick death Feb 3, 1938 1a Jefferson Democrat Mossbach; Alexander
Wakefield Fred death Feb 10, 1938 5a Jefferson Democrat Evans