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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Walther Minnie death Mar 14, 1907 2c Jefferson Democrat Blank
Walther Mrs. Fred death Dec 19, 1907 2e Jefferson Democrat
Walther Laura other Jul 15, 1909 2d Jefferson Democrat AuBuchon
Walther Theodore (girl) birth Dec 2, 1909 2b Jefferson Democrat
Walther Charles R. marriage Jan 27, 1910 3b, c Jefferson Democrat Florence Davis; Rinkel
Walther Theodore (girl) birth Feb 3, 1916 2c Jefferson Democrat
Walther Luella other Jun 15, 1916 2c Jefferson Democrat
Walther Emil H. marriage Mar 10, 1921 2b Jefferson Democrat Jessie Scheffler
Walther John C. C. marriage Sep 27, 1923 3e Jefferson Democrat Eugenia C. Blair
Walther Theresia death Dec 10, 1925 3d Jefferson Democrat Mason
Walther Theresa death Dec 24, 1925 3b Jefferson Democrat
Walther Theodore death Sep 13, 1928 1e, f Jefferson Democrat Maggie Lammert; McCormick; Edith Reppy
Walther J. F. death Oct 9, 1930 1d Jefferson Democrat Mary Frech; Aubuchon; Fotsch; Adams
Walther Rupert R. marriage Feb 26, 1931 1e, 3e Jefferson Democrat Eveline Jeannette Montgomery
Walther Adolph E. marriage May 12, 1938 1f Jefferson Democrat Johanna M Kaiser
Walther Hobart other Oct 2, 1919 1b Jefferson County Record
Walther Emil H. marriage Mar 17, 1921 4d Jefferson County Record Jessie Scheffler
Walther Therese death Dec 10, 1925 5c Jefferson County Record Reppy; Hearst
Walthers son death Jul 14, 1882 3c Jefferson Democrat
Walthers Lillian death Jan 29, 1891 3f Jefferson Democrat