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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Wiegmann Fred G. marriage Sep 20, 1906 3c Jefferson Democrat Maymie V. Rapp
Wielms Adelhaid & Oscar divorce Sep 21, 1893 3c Jefferson Democrat
Wienecke henry C. marriage Nov 10, 1932 3a Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Johanna Landenberger; McMullin
Wienski Joe & Fred other Apr 25, 1918 1c Jefferson County Record Stering Stegall; Joe Cramer
Wier George W. marriage Jun 30, 1910 2d, 3d Jefferson Democrat Mary Cadwallader
Wierscheim Burnhardt marriage Apr 15, 1915 2d Jefferson Democrat Irene Boyer
Wierschem Alvin marriage Jan 4, 1912 2b Jefferson Democrat Gevevieve Palmer
Wierschen Lee marriage Nov 9, 1922 1e Jefferson County Record Carrie Stone
Wierschern Alvin marriage Jan 4, 1912 4a Jefferson County Record Genevieve Palmer
Wiersham Adolph Lee marriage Nov 9, 1922 2c, 3d Jefferson Democrat Carrie Stone
Wiese Charles H. (girl) birth Jun 11, 1891 2d Jefferson Democrat
Wiese Chas. (girl) birth Aug 10, 1893 3e Jefferson Democrat
Wiese Luella death Nov 30, 1905 2a Jefferson Democrat
Wiese Sophie death Jul 20, 1911 3e Jefferson Democrat Brant
Wiese Henry death Mar 23, 1916 3b Jefferson Democrat
Wiese Mr. death Mar 23, 1916 1c Jefferson County Record
Wiggans George W. marriage Jul 8, 1926 2g Jefferson Democrat Ruth B. Linsey
Wiggans George other Jun 6, 1912 1f Jefferson County Record Taubold
Wigger Clarence (boy) birth Sep 21, 1933 9c (2) Jefferson Democrat Elva Huskey
Wiggins W.C.R. other Jan 3, 1879 3b Jefferson Democrat