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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Young Donald marriage Dec 1, 1938 3e Jefferson Democrat Amelia Dietz
Young Beatrice death Sep 21, 1939 1d Jefferson Democrat
Young Mrs. Adam death Aug 21, 1913 1b Jefferson County Record
Young Carl marriage Sep 14, 1922 8b Jefferson County Record Leota Jarvis
Younger E.L. (brother) death Oct 12, 1899 2b Jefferson Democrat
Youngerman children death Feb 21, 1873 2d Jefferson Democrat
Youngerman Andrew death Apr 11, 1879 3c Jefferson Democrat
Youngerman Heinrich other Sep 13, 1894 3d Jefferson Democrat
Yount Frank marriage Aug 17, 1911 3a, b Jefferson Democrat Essie Pierce; Dunnigan
Yount Olive L. & Chas W. divorce Jun 19, 1919 3b Jefferson Democrat
Yount Mrs. Frank death Jul 26, 1923 3a Jefferson Democrat Pierce
Yount Oman marriage May 12, 1927 4g Jefferson Democrat Maud Coleman
Yount Glenwood marriage Sep 26, 1940 3c, 5d Jefferson Democrat Ava Elliott
Yount Frank marriage Aug 17, 1911 4c, 5a Jefferson County Record Essie Pierce; Dunnigan
Yount Olive L. & Chalres W. divorce Jun 19, 1919 4c Jefferson County Record
Yucis August W. marriage Dec 28, 1938 4a Jefferson Democrat Ida Fern Templeton
Yuill John other May 2, 1883 3d Jefferson Democrat Benjamin; Bennet; Varney; Plam; Boazinger; Sheible
Yuker Gottlieb death Feb 16, 1911 2f Jefferson Democrat Matthes
Yulkey Geo. R. marriage Feb 29, 1940 7a Jefferson Democrat Audrey L Jostes
Yung Mrs. Adolph death Feb 27, 1884 3b Jefferson Democrat