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Summer Dream
By Kayla Munson, 10 years
Winner: 5-11 years

Summer Day, Summer Night
Children dancing in the light
A gentle breeze blows away
Off to where the blue birds play
The sand in the sea
The birds in the air
A mother sits in her lawn chair
Crowds swim in the ocean to cool down
And people walk in their small town
Summer is fun – summer is near
But, oh, I wish summer were here
A Snowflake’s Journey
By Paul Notaro, 8 years
Winner: 5-11 years

The lonely and forlorn snowflake falls.
It tumbles and tumbles until the sky calls,
“Why did you leave here, so comfortable, safe;
With clouds all around you, magically encased?”
“Careless Winter sent me flying around;
Destructive, tumultuous,
To die on the ground.”

Thoughts of a Marshmallow in Your Hot Chocolate
By Cameron Roland, 9 years
Winner: 5-11 years

I am a poor marshmallow
    in your hot chocolate.
You expect me to survive while you make me
    Sit here and watch my friends suffer,
        In whirlpools every day.
And then you leave me sitting out
    While I get cold,
        Nobody to talk to,
            So I begin to sink.
But when you don’t drink anything
    I have friends,
        A pool to swim in,
            And warmth.
But can you leave us alone for a day?
Because if you don’t I will drown myself
    And you can have my friends,
        My pool,
            And my life.

By Beau Oligschlaeger, 12 years
Winner: 12-18 years

No one ever gets me
I’d like to go my own way
I’m a bird in a cage
My family wants me to act like them
They want me to do this,
I’d like to do that.
I am the opposite of what they see
I am the lion
I am the owl
I am the cat,
I have courage
I am smart
I am fierce
They think I am not
But I am


I Am a Flower
By Regan Jean, 12 years
Winner:12-18 years
......I am a flower.......
......Excluded from the bouquet.......
.......The dandelion apart from the rest......
........Just wanting to fit in, but,...................
.......I’m told I’m always the WEED...............
...............I make conversation...............
.........I’m always ignored because I was
The “weird kid” in the...PAST
If I’d say
Something funny           
They’d bite
                  Their tongues and
Forbid themselves        
To laugh
I hope  
We’ll find
Are flowers, too          
Make a
                WISH, dandelion
It just might            
Come true    
My Mirror
By Shannon Morgan, 42 years
                    Winner: 19 Years & Older

Words escape my mouth
With subconscious permission.
Unaware, uncaring if they flow
Unthinking who might listen.
I say to my mirror,
I feel ugly, I’m so fat.
Wrinkles and rolls, stretchmarks
Traveling this way and that.
To my mirror I grumble,
My thighs are too big, my arms too flabby.
If I could just be skinny,
Then I’d be happy.
My mirror watches me cry
As I button my jeans.
Cursing and hating myself,
Spouting venom so mean.
My  mirror silently withstands
My vicious self attacks.
Absorbing my blows
But never hitting back.

That is, until one day,
My mirror did just that.
My mirror found a voice and said,
“Mommy, do you think I look fat?”

A Flighty Fluff
By Cona Adams, 79 years
Winner: 19 Years & Older

A flighty fluff where grows the seeds
to mar our view with future weeds
of yellow hue and roguish scruff,
atop pond’s lip and round her cuff,
a hardy plant with barefaced greed.

Prolific blooms among the reeds,
to sow abroad those beastly feeds
of toothy leaf and tattered ruff,
            with flighty fluff.

In spiteful slight of gardener’s needs
she thumbs her nose and yet proceeds
to follow through her chesty bluff
are lure the children’s pursing puff
to scatter wide on windblown leads,
            her flighty fluff.

D.B. Holiday
By Terrie Jacks, 60+ years
Winner: 19 Years & Older

lurking, hiding
under chairs and beds
multiplying, dividing
nuisance airheads

plump, scrubby, round balls
that roll with the wind
loiter in the halls
are met with chagrin

sweeper in busted
they dance and they play
having great fun
it’s a dust bunny holiday
This Mad, Wicked Folly
By Gabrielle Alyssa Isaacson, 12 years
Winner: 12-18 years

“This mad, wicked folly,”
I say, and
Plop myself down
on the bed.
It’s getting late now,
but your indifference opens
my eyes.
You call it willful.
I’m a girl,
my behavior
should be compliant.

Might as well rivet me up,
in a corset, and forbid me
to breathe.
I’m not to be like them,
the world is different for me
might as well take away my
pencil, and take away
my dreams.

This woman has no rights,
always just a wallflower,
Hhr joy to be a debutante,
then a wife, and a mother.
I’ll do this, but
my way.

Fierce as Boadicea,
whose blood runs, through my veins.
I’m not to know of
politics, but I’m
marching with
the suffragettes,
asking to live my way.

Forget the silly etiquette,
I’ll write the book,
not balance it upon,
my head, because
I’d rather be,

You don’t want me,
to think for myself,
only to ask after health,
and talk of the weather.
Only social things to interest me
no the internal Nether.
I’m to live by the rules, not
make them.

Force-feed me, if you will
I’ll strike so much more than
I’ll make my garden greener
than holly, to symbolize hope.
Listen to what you say, hmmm
“I’ve put my heart into this
Mad, Wicked Folly.”




  Poetry Reading & Awards Ceremony

March 24, 2015


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