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The Rainbow
by Kayla Caughlan, Winner 5-11 years
Red like a strawberry, Orange like a pumpkin,
Yellow like the sun, Green like a leaf,
Blue like the sky, and Purple like violets.
Everywhere I go and everything I see,
I see the rainbow looking at me.
A Snake's Complaint
by Autumn Deen, Winner 5-11 years
There once were two snakes named Slither and Hiss.
Hiss said to Slither, "I'm tired of this.
We can't wash the dishes or pick pretty flowers,
We cannot wind clocks so that we'll know the hours.
We cannot eat ice cream
We can't drive a car,
We can't ever climb on those cool monkey bars.
We cannot eat crumb cake or paint pretty pictures,
We're nothing but garters, I envy constrictors.
We can't play guitars or build castles of sand,
And we can't so those things because we don't have Hands!"
Dancing Is the Greatest Thing!
by Tia Tricamo, Winner 5-11 years
Dancing agilely in the air,
Pointed toes
With curled hair,
While twirling on the stage,
I think,
Dancing is the greatest thing!
Leaping happily in the air,
Smiling face,
Costumes I wear,
While grinning on the stage,
I think,
Dancing is the greatest thing!
Recital day is finally here,
Rushing around,
To get on stage,
In between dances,
I have a "quick change",
Makeup on,
My friends are near,
To make a great recital this year,
While being the best dancers we can be,
I think,
Dancing is the greatest thing!
The Bond
by Tori Tricamo, Winner 12-18 years
The unbreakable bond
Of a mother and a daughter
Is the strongest bond of all bonds
It is definitely tested
Over and over and over again
But somehow
It never breaks
They fight and they cry
But they also laugh
They love each other with all of their hearts
It is beautifully unbreakable
With all of it's problems, stories ad loving moments
But all are different
Some have been through more
Some are stronger and weaker
They are close or far in age
That doesn't matter
You should love your mom
Through everything
You should want her brilliant advice on all of the stupid teenage problems
And by the time you're an adult
You wish you would have listened
To every word she said to you.
Life Passes by in an Instagram
Shelby Morgan, Winner 12-18 years
"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."
You're probably posting about them on Facebook,
Or updating your Instagram.
The day isn't finished until you have tweeted about it,
Or checked in on Foursquare,
And blogged a bit.
Life is what you post about,
And the selfies that you take
On girls' night out.
Life has become so simple.
Take a picture of yourself,
And edit out the pimple.
The only adventures you ever get
Are when you gain a new follower
Or get another hit.
I bet you can't wait to tell your children the stories
Of the days of pixelated fame
And all its glory.
They'll surely ask about your childhood days
And exciting memories you made,
And you'll tell them about your Internet ways.
When they ask you what fun is like,
You'll give them a phone
Instead of a bike.
Why go seeking a thrill,
When there's an app for that?
Why do it for the adventure,
When you can do it for Vine?
Why answer life's questions
When you can just google it?
Our entire lives are held in a box,
Protected by passwords
And screen locks.
Life is only ever updated at home,
Where everyone can get to the lap top
That is their own.
Because, life is what happens when you're staring at your smart phone.
1st of May
by Nikki Newhouse, Winner 12-18 years
There once was a land so remote,
It could not be reached by land or boat.
And in this land on the first of May,
Strange things happened throughout the day.
Golden sun dripped down to earth,
Stars shone brightly, full of mirth.
Flocks of birds stood glued to the ground.
While schools of fish soared all around.
Towering trees so long asleep,
Marched through the land with monstrous feet.
Though not winter it would snow;
Snowflakes dashing to and fro.
From lilacs came sweet sounds,
But nothing came from barking hounds.
Clouds took shape of innocent dreams;
Pets and toys all blocking sun's beams.
You may not believe this tale I've told,
But it's true, my friends, it's a story of old.
This all took play on the first of May
In that strange land so far, far away.
He Turns on the Moon 
by Suzanne Kirby, Winner 19 Years & Older
He turns on the moon
With the touch of his thumb
On the remote control in his hand.
And though it's a toy, a thing to educate, to amuse
It's like he turns on the read moon for me.
Was there really a moon in the sky
Before he was born?
I know there was
And I know I saw it
But it didn't mean anything then.
Now it means all.
He turns on the moon every night.
And every night
I tell him, "I love you."
And his whispered, "I love you too"
Follows me down the hall
Into the kitchen
As I boil some water for tea.
He turns on the moon
And with it, my heart
I am sustained
Until the next night.
On Friday, December 14th, 2012, I Yelled At You. A Mother's Confession
by Shannon Morgan, Winner 19 Years & Older
I yelled at you that morning.
The morning that evil had a face.
I didn't say, "I love you,"
On the morning that time cannot erase.
I yelled at you that morning.
About what, I can't recall.
Angry words with no merit,
On the morning that changed us all.
It was just a Friday,
That began like any other.
You misplaced your shoes, watched cartoons,
We grumbled and fought one another.
So, I yelled at you that morning.
How was I to know,
That soon my heart would shatter
For twenty children I didn't know.
Did one of them get yelled at?
Their morning filled with shouts and warnings?
Did they leave for school hurt and mad,
Like you did that morning?
Oh, how I yearned
To start that day again.
I wanted to run to you and hold you,
And absorb you in my skin.
Later, I got the chance,
To hug you and make it right.
Whisper that I'm sorry,
As I tucked you in that night.
But, what if I did not?
If fate stole that gift from me?
My heart breaks for all the mothers
For whom this case may be.
I yelled at you this morning.
I won't let this moment pass.
I shouted, "I love you, my precious one!"
And, sent you out into a world of glass.
Crone Secrets
by Sara Schmidt, Winner 19 Years & Older
The soft folds of your hands hold so many mysteries
The you I know, the cuddler over scraps of newspaper,
The peanut butter-sneaker, Scrabble-master,
Is such a small facet of who you are, who you've been
Your clear eyes dance at me while you make orange juice,
Or sneak me a tiny, kid-sized cup of coffee
(mostly milk and sugar)
And I wonder at the supernatural stories
Tucked in the wrinkles of your gown,
The marble-shaped worlds rolling around
In your housedress pockets





  Poetry Reading & Awards Ceremony
March 27, 2014


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