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Parents and Teachers

Pepper & Nutmeg

Parents and Teachers Print













The Parenting Collection is a special collection area at the Windsor Branch of the Jefferson County Library. The purpose of the Collection is to provide an in-depth collection of resources that aid parents in fostering the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development as well as the general well being of their child from birth to age twelve. A basic collection of parenting materials may also be found at the Arnold and Northwest Branches.

To take a look at resources found in the parenting collection, visit the WebCat Catalog.

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The Jefferson County Library offers many services and resources for adults and children involved with home education.

Day and evening programs are scheduled for children of all ages.  Scheduled programs include informational, recreational, and social programs.  Visit the Children's Programs Page for more information about upcoming programs.

Tours can also be scheduled for groups by contacting the children's departments at each branch.  Click here for more information about tours.

Also, a variety of resources are available for to reference and checkout from the library. To take a look at what is available for homeschool assistance, visit the iBistro Catalog.

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Library cards are available for educators at private, pariochial, and public schools (K-12) within the boundaries of the Fox, Northwest, and Windsor school districts and for educators with Jefferson College.  Educator library cards are good for the school year (September-May) and must be renewed each school year.  These library cards bestow the same privileges as a regular library card including checkout, holds, and computer privileges.

To apply for an educator library card, bring proof of employment within one of the above mentioned educational institutions, proof of identity (current driver's license, passport, state-issued photo identification card, etc.), and proof of address (current driver's license, current utility bill, etc.).

Library cards may also be obtained by day cares within the Jefferson County Library service area by applying for a corporate library card.  To apply for a corporate library card, bring proof of identity, proof of address, and a written letter on corporate letterhead acknowledging responsibility for all items checked out on the library card and listing no more than five employees that may use the library card.

For complete library card policy and guidelines, visit the Public Service Policy page.

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Library tours are available for groups interested in learning more about the library.  These groups include school classes, scout troops, homeschool groups, and more.  

A basic library tour will include a walk-through of the library with areas of interest pointed out.  Additional activities can be included with the tour to fit your group's needs.  Possible activities include instruction on use of the online card catalog, research training, story time, craft, and assistance with special projects.  Tours can be tailored to meet your groups wants and needs.

To schedule a tour, contact your local library branch.

Arnold Branch - (636) 296-2204
Northwest Branch - (636) 677-8186
Windsor Branch - (636) 461-1914

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Visits to educational institutions may be arranged if traveling to the library is not feasible.  Visits may be made to classrooms, school assemblies, fairs, and special events.  Activities can include story time, booktalks, program promotions, and more.

To schedule an outreach visit, contact your local library branch.

Arnold Branch - (636) 296-2204
Northwest Branch - (636) 677-8186
Windsor Branch - (636) 461-1914

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The Jefferson County Library strives to provide as much material as possible for students' upcoming assignments. However, in some areas, the library does not always have enough materials for everyone who requires them. In order to provide the best service possible the library has developed the Assignment Alert program.

The Assignment Alert procedure involves a form to be filled out by the educator and sent to the library at least one week prior to the start of the assignment. The form provides the library with important information about the assignment, such as the subject to be covered, the length of the assignment and the materials needed. This advance notice allows the library to gather all materials available on assigned topics to be readily available to the students. Materials may be placed on reserve status with a shortened checkout period so more students will have access to the library's resources

Select the document type that is appropriate for your needs. Print the form, fill it out, and fax, mail, or e-mail it to the Jefferson County Library branches you anticipate students will visit:

Assignment Alert Form (Microsoft Word *.DOC)
Assignment Alert Form (Rich Text Format *.RTF)
Assignment Alert Form (Adobe Acrobat *.PDF)

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Beyond the Bookends is a newsletter for educators that is distributed monthly during the school year (September through May). The newsletter includes articles on various library services, booklists, and upcoming programs.

To sign up to receive your personal electronic copy, simply email

Back issues of the newsletter are available online for one year.  Older issues are available at the Arnold Branch upon request.

May 2015 - April 2015 - March 2015 - February 2015 - January 2015 - December 2014 - November 2014 - October 2014 - September 2014 - May 2014 

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The public library is a place open to all community members.  Children and teens are welcome in the library.

However, due to safety and security concerns for these children and teens, the Jefferson County Library  has established policies for unattended youth.  Children should be supervised by a parent or designated caregiver (over the age of 16 years) while visiting the library.  JCL staff are unable to provide this supervision. 

Children, under the age of 6 years, must be continually attended by their parent or designated caregiver while in the library. 

hildren, ages 7-10 years, must have a parent or designated caregiver present and available in the building while visiting the library.

Children and teen, ages 11 years and older, need to have a phone number where a parent or legal guardian may be reached as needed.

For the full policy, visit the JCL Policies and Guidelines page.

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