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Next Food for Fines Collection Is March 27

Jefferson County Library will continue to offer its popular "Food for Fines" amnesty on the final Friday of each month during 2015. The next amnesty date for 2015 is Friday, March 27.  Customers with outstanding fines for overdue materials may have their fines erased by donating canned food items. During 2015 the library will again forgive up to one dollar in fines for each can of food donated. If you don't have library fines you can still drop off canned food items at the library on March 27 and staff will make sure the food gets to local food pantries.

On February 27 the library collected 714 canned food items at its three branch libraries. All the collected food is donated to local area food pantries. 

There is no limit on the number or amount of fines that can be cleared, but bills for lost or damaged library items are not eligible for the "Food for Fines" program.

Items that have been borrowed from another library outside the Jefferson County Library district are also not included in the fine amnesty. When a customer asks JCL to borrow an item for him from another library, and then keeps that item out overdue, or damages or loses the item, the library that owns the item charges the fine or fee, and JCL has to collect the money and send it to the owning library. If the customer doesn't pay, JCL has to cover that cost.

The library does not accept home-canned items, cans that are past their expiration date or are dented or damaged, or cans with bar codes that have been lined or scratched through. 

For more information contact your local branch of the Jefferson County Library:

Arnold Branch,
1701 Missouri State Road,
Arnold (636-296-2204);

Northwest Branch,
5680 State Road PP,
High Ridge (636-677-8186);

Windsor Branch,
7479 Metropolitan Boulevard,
Barnhart (636-461-1914).